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A main component of my artistic philosophy examines the importance of our visual understanding: how we see and respond to what we see as individuals, as a collective audience and as a broader society or culture. In my work, I believe it vital to conceive a design that helps to draw the audience into the story, regardless if the convention of the play asks that they be silent witnesses, or active partners during the storytelling. I define this as psychologically penetrating the fourth wall.
I believe that one of my responsibilities as a set and costume designer is to consider who my audience is and how they will engage with the story, characters and world presented to them. Even if the world created onstage is totally foreign to the audience, how do we, as artists, ensure audience engagement? Design and directing choices can (and should) challenge the audience, but I believe you must challenge without creating barriers that only serve to mute intent. Continuity and open communication are vital in this effort.




S E T | C O S T U M E | D E S I G N 

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Photo: David Cooper

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